Does your Pool have a Leak?

Does your Pool have a Leak?

Do your pools have a leak? Have you checked all the pool leaks, or have you not even considered the possibility of leaks? Leaks are one of the biggest problems you face as a pool owner. Pools become energy draining to maintain due to all of the water loss from various different areas. No matter how well you maintain your pool or how good of a job you do it will continue to leak water.

A swimming pool that has a leak could lose thousands of gallons of water over a year, which equates to wasted money. This is not just concerning to homeowners — hotels, apartment complexes, and other commercial properties could face financial consequences with large swimming pools. Swimming pool maintenance is essential to keep these businesses functioning properly.

Does your Pool have a Leak?

Pool leaks are a problem that many homeowners face. They can go undetected for months or even years, which can lead to serious damage and water loss. However, there are some simple ways you can identify if your pool has a leak.

There are two main types of pool leaks: plumbing leaks, which are caused by faulty pipes and fittings in the pool’s plumbing system; and structural leaks, which occur when the pool walls or floor begin to deteriorate. Both types of leaks can be detected by following these steps:

1. Check for wet spots on the ground around your pool. If you see any puddles of water near the edge of your pool or patio, it may be indicative of a plumbing leak in your pool’s piping system.

2. Check for cracks on the surface of your swimming pool walls or flooring. If there are any cracks in these areas, it could be an indication that there is structural damage underneath where water is leaking into the ground from your pool’s surface area (this is especially true if there are multiple cracks in one specific area).

3. Look for discoloration on concrete around your pool—this could be caused by rusting metal parts or corroded pipes leaking into your pool water. Discoloration from rusting metal looks like red or brown spots; discoloration from corroded pipes looks like greenish-brown stains.

Does your Pool have a Leak?

Do you have a pool leak?

If so, it can be a real hassle to fix. You might want to hire Truly Blue Pool to take care of the problem for you. Here are some reasons why:

-You don’t have the tools or skills needed to fix the problem

-You don’t want to risk damaging your pool or hurting yourself in the process

We’re here to help with swimming pool maintenance services. Our pool cleaning company makes it as easy as possible for you to get back in the game—no more leaky pools and no more wasted money on water in the meantime.

Here’s how we do it: we send our team out to your home or facility, where they will assess the situation and give you an estimate for repairs based on their findings. Once you’ve agreed on a price and schedule for service, we’ll get started right away. We’ll come back when we said we would, finish up in time, and leave everything clean when we’re done.

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